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Foot problems can affect anyone regardless of age and your foot care needs will most likely change over time.  


Whether you have corns, ingrown nails, verrucae, hard callus skin, cracked heels, suffer with athlete's foot or just want some advice, a local community Podiatrist, Foot Health Practitioner or Chiropodist can help with treatment.

We offer a complete foot healthcare service

Foot problems

People are affected by a wide variety of foot problems to which seeking advice from a Podiatrist, Foot Health Practitioner or Chiropodist becomes essential.


Many of the common foot health ailments we experience can be treated and prevented quite simply.

Where we are located


Our practice covers south east Essex although residential homes are catered for further afield.


Our practitioners may charge a little extra for outside the east Essex scope.  Please see our coverage map on the Contact Us page.

Who we are


We are a full-time team of private practitioners with over 35 years’ experience, providing the local community with a high level of hand and foot care on a domiciliary practice basis.


We offer a completely professional and confidential service.


You do not require a referral to be seen by us, although we are more than happy to accept referrals from fellow practitioners and other medical professionals.

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About Us

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East Essex Foot Care regularly provides foot care services for an extensive number of clients in a domiciliary capacity and can visit you at home or work (subject to a suitable environment).


In addition, we provide foot health care for residential homes for the elderly and for patients with special needs.

Why Choose Us

Personalised Treatment


You will receive a fully tailored treatment to meet your individual foot care needs.

Qualified Practitioners


Your treatment will be performed by only fully qualified and professionally insured practitioners with enhanced DBS clearance.

Experienced Staff


Our practitioners are trained and certified in all aspects of foot health care.

Home Visits


We are able to offer foot health care treatments within the comfort of your own home.


We are able to adapt to meet the individual needs of the client and their surroundings.

Dementia Friendly


We are part of the "working to become dementia friendly in Essex scheme" and all our practitioners are involved with the dementia friends initiative.


Providing a complete foot healthcare service

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Diabetic and high risk patients welcome

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About Us


As foot health practitioners we offer domiciliary visits for our clients who cannot or prefer not to travel.


In addition we hold regular clinics in residential establishments for both the elderly and those with learning difficulties.

office:  01268 973824

mobile: 07951220414

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